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A suite of business software designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses to increase efficiency and foster growth.

Intuitive, easy to use cloud based 
Tailored Solutions for Every Industry

Okout ERP provides an expansive range of business software tools, each designed to meet the unique demands of different sectors. Our suite includes:

 Okout Construction: Streamline your construction management and aftercare.
Ÿ Okout Contracts & Support: Manage contracts and customer support with integrated tracking and help desk tools.
Ÿ Okout Distribute: Mobile Sales & distribution with efficient inventory, warehouse, and order management systems.
Ÿ Okout Property: Optimize property management with tools for rent management, facility management, leasing, and maintenance.
Ÿ Okout Retail: Drive retail success with comprehensive sales, customer  and inventory 
Ÿ Okout SelfStore: Revolutionize your retal and retail operations.

Designed for Simplicity and Efficiency

Okout ERP stands apart for its exceptional ease of use. Designed with the user in mind, our software is intuitive enough that anyone can master it—streamlining your operations without the steep learning curve. Whether you're looking to enhance productivity, manage growth, or streamline operations, Okout ERP makes it simpler than ever.


Industries We Serve


Manage Subcontracts, Snaging, Darwing Versions, Building Reg and Compliance Better

Contracts & Support

Optimise Documentation, Renewals, Invoicing and Support Desk


Mobile Van/Distribution Sales, Inventory and Routing Simplified


Optimize property Rental and Maintainance and Block Management


Manage Mobile Sales, POS, Inventory, collections, CRM and more

Self Storage

CRM, Rentals, Repeated Invoicing, Sale of Items and  Services Simplified 

Okout supports a very wide range of businesses from micro enterprises to corporates. 

Let our team know your challenges and we would be happy to demonstrate how Okout can help.


Each Okout ERP package is a curated collection of modules tailored to meet the specific needs of various industries, accessible via our web browser interface or dedicated mobile apps. While certain modules are essential for specialized functions within specific industries, others are optional, allowing for customized solutions that align precisely with your business requirements. Our team of product experts and consultants is available to guide you in selecting the most valuable modules to optimize and enhance your business operations.

Mobile POS (Distribution & Van Sales)

Our Mobile POS system empowers your outdoor sales team to conduct sales and capture orders for future deliveries directly from their mobile devices. This versatile tool enables on-the-spot invoicing, manages vehicle inventory, and tracks returned goods while overseeing credit limits. Additionally, all transactions are integrated with geolocation, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of staff activities. Designed for seamless integration, the Mobile POS works flawlessly with any accounting system, including Okout Accounting, and supports routing system integration to optimize logistics.


Our retail module features a comprehensive, cloud-based POS system that operates smoothly on both POS machines and any web browser. This robust module supports a wide range of functions, including the generation of quotations and delivery notes. It offers flexibility in inventory management, allowing you to select batches for sale based on expiry dates. The system adeptly handles credit notes, coupons, and supports both standard and weight/price embedded barcodes. Additionally, it facilitates the sale of bundles and promotional items, enhancing your retail operations with dynamic sales capabilities.

CRM & Enterprise Sales

Our CRM is designed to support a full spectrum of sales activities, from indoor and outdoor sales to telesales. It efficiently manages appointments, events, and comprehensive sales plans. The Enterprise Sales module enhances this functionality by facilitating the capture of inquiries and streamlining the sales process from quotation to order fulfillment. It supports both partial and complete deliveries as well as full-service activities, ensuring a seamless flow from initial customer engagement to final delivery.

Inventory & WHS

Our Inventory module is versatile, supporting both mobile and browser-based environments, and accommodates everything from straightforward to complex setups. It includes options for FIFO and selective batch control. Costing methods can be configured to use either the weighted average or specific batch costing to suit diverse business needs.The Warehouse Management System (WHS) module enhances inventory management with robust location control, guiding optimal placement within facilities. It streamlines the packing and dispatching processes and integrates demand forecasting to efficiently generate orders.


Our Accounting module is designed to handle both straightforward and complex business operations efficiently. It supports a flexible chart of accounts setup, from flat to multi-dimensional structures, enabling real-time profit and loss, and detailed management reporting for specific business areas. Enhanced by smart features, the module streamlines processes by allowing for direct expense entries and by providing supplier and customer statements through an accessible online portal.

Task Management

The Task Management module within Okout is engineered to streamline and enhance the management of tasks across various packages. In the Construction Package, it facilitates the creation and management of subcontracts and addresses snagging issues efficiently. For Property Maintenance and Aftercare, it ensures optimal management in rental and self-storage packages. Across all other packages, it supports maintenance tasks and helps manage support desk operations. This module is adept at handling both one-time and recurring jobs enhance maintenance, compliance and warranty related issues.

Document Management

The Documents module in Okout facilitates robust version management for construction and other industries, with built-in contract signature capabilities to streamline interactions with third parties. This module also includes specialized sections for managing compliance documents across a variety of tasks, ensuring all documentation is current and accessible.


Okout's Contracts Module allows for the comprehsive management of multi-party contracts tailored to your specific needs and schedules. Each contract includes detailed information on the involved parties, products, documentation, events, meetings, warehouses, consumables, purchasing, sub-contracting, and flexible invoicing options (lump-sum or itemized). This versatile module is applicable to any industry—whether construction, maintenance, service, trading, or others—enabling you to efficiently map and manage all your contractual requirements.

Compliance, Certification and Check In & Out

Okout's Document-Your-Build module ensures building control compliance, including adherence to regulations such as Part 11. It offers special provisions for certificates and regularly updated documents, making it easy to maintain and track changes throughout the lifecycle of properties—from construction to rental and maintenance. The app's check-in and check-out facilities simplify record-keeping for rental properties, ensuring seamless management and documentation.

3rd Parties

Okout modules offer specialized features for third parties, enabling subcontactors to report work completion via simplified links and access related documents easily. Additionally, customers and suppliers can view statements online without the need for extra licenses or equipment, streamlining collaboration and communication.

Okout is a comprehensive suite of business software tools designed to support small to medium-sized businesses with their everyday tasks. Our focus is on simplicity and ease of use, enabling you to start quickly, minimize training time, and seamlessly scale your operations as your business grows.


Key Features at Makes OK-OUT standout

Very Easy to Use

Minimize training costs and reduce the impact of staff turnover with our intuitive interface.

Cost Effective

Benefit from one of the most cost-effective systems on the market, offering extensive functionality and support.


Experience exceptional customer support across all countries and markets we serve.


Simplify control with single-page dashboards and command centers.


Speed up routine tasks with single-button shortcuts and streamlined processes.

Dimensional Accounting

Access management reports and product/profit center income statements with a single click.

Wide Horizons

Scale effortlessly with multi-warehouse, multi-currency, and multi-company capabilities.

Report Creator

Customize your stationery and financial report formats to suit your needs.

Access Anywhere

Utilize our cloud-based system and mobile app for critical tasks, accessible from anywhere.

Can Integrate

Integrate seamlessly with your existing software, allowing for a smooth transition when you're ready.

Business Process

Identify, track and approve critical tasks

Invoicing on any printer

Print invoices from your mobile device on any printer.

Integrate in your Website

Use our APIs to connect your website with your business intelligence, processing orders, and providing customer/supplier portals.


Organize work with manual and automatic events and reminders for tasks like equipment installations and callbacks.

Geographic Information

Track the location and timing of events, meetings, and invoices with embedded geo-information.

Integrated Agreement Signatures

Keep track of agreements with integrated electronic signatures and document/ID uploads.

We continuously review, improve, and expand our functionality to meet your needs. 
We invite you to share your business challenges with us and discover how Okout can add value to your operations.


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